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Culinary & Yoga Adventure Morocco


a feast for the senses

A realm of truly unfamiliar and fascinating places still exist, where the local people treat you like a traveler, not a tourist, and where things might not always go as expected, but are likely to be exquisitely memorable. This is Morocco! And Morocco asks us to enlarge our notion of slow travel. Our journey here includes the vastly unfamiliar, and we receive unimaginable delights in return. Be ready to be subsumed in a world of exquisite luxury and dramatic rusticity, of heartwarming hospitality and charming curiosity, of combinations of tastes and ingredients that play on our senses more like music than food. And most essentially, in Morocco, be prepared for a culture deeply imbued with a simple humanness that, as you contact it, cannot help but bare your own soul. Morocco: A Feast for the Senses offers the most complete experience of how cuisine and culture can bring a sense of expansiveness and appreciation to our lives. This rare and deeply satisfying journey asks the most of you – and will fill you with a kind of magic in return.

Join us in Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains and Essaouira for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

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Culinary & Sailing Adventure Amalfi
to Jun 25

Culinary & Sailing Adventure Amalfi

Sail along ancient Mediterranean trade routes along the Neopolitan islands of Procida, Capri, Ischia, on to the splendid towns of the Amalfi coast. Amalfi, being the oldest Maritime Republic in Italy, boasts a history as rich and dramatic as the coastal cliffs ascending behind it. Like sea-traders of old, we will take in this magnificent region of Italy from the sea. Meandering from cove to harbor on a private sailboat affords us the luxury to sample local variety from town to town – simple fresh dishes drawing on the wealth of the Mediterranean and the specialized agricultural traditions which flourish above each village. Or to choose a swim in the aquamarine sea with the granite cliffs of Capri soaring above, followed by dinner of the day’s catch on board at sunset. Whimsy, leisure, and a sense of harmony with the sun, wind and sea give this culinary adventure a special flair and a novel perspective on this intriguing region. Call it “slow sailing!”

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